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It is undeniable that spiritual world exists and has played a significant part in communities for centuries. Some of us are able to translate this angelic energy into alternative methods of healing and support everyday challenges.

Pjotr Elkunoviz - the originator of Spiritual Realignment refers to this technique as one of the fundamental transformations for present life on the planet. 

Spiritual Realignment by Pjotr Elkunoviz encompasses the whole person. It aligns the mind, body, cleanses and frees the soul. This re-programming of the person’s life occurs simultaneously on many levels, allowing the entire heart, mind and spirit-organism to heal. Spiritual Realignment provides unique and lasting healing, which has been reported by hundreds of thousands of people across the world. 

My teacher Pjotr Elkunoviz explains that many people suffer from body’s asymmetry brought about by the evolution of the physical stance: a crooked neck, uneven shoulders, displaced shoulder blades, a curved and twisted spine, a tilted pelvis and uneven leg lengths.  As a result, some people will suffer or experience discomfort from back, hip and knee pain. Discomfort of the neck and back muscles, cardiac insufficiency, cardiac arrhythmia, digestive problems, renal problems and many more. Leading to depression, headaches and circulatory problems.

There is hope. People with various physical and mental symptoms, who at one point were considered untreatable by conventional medicine, have been able to find healing through the release and realignment of the body.  Essentially all these illnesses are caused by a displacement of the spinal column, because all vital organs, control centers, and meridians are attached to it.  The spinal column is the vital structure of the human being, which stores all the information that is sent to the various parts of the body.   

It may sound difficult to believe, but real help exists to rectify all of these problems without any manipulation of the body. This can be achieved through Divine Realignment.

Realignment of the body occurs very gently.  Often the client may feel a light, pleasant sensation.  An enormous energetic increase takes place during the treatment, preparing the way for further physical and spiritual development. The resulting free flow of energy stimulates the person’s life force, which can now fully expand. This life energy is self-regulating and will assist in dissolving old blocks and debilitating patterns. The regenerative forces of nature are no where more visible than during this treatment, which is effective in children, pregnant women and adults , regardless of their age.

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
 you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu 


Scientifically proven method that can help you with most disorders. The service includes an assessment, realignment and energetic healing.  This is an one-off service capable to program positive future outcomes.


If you feel stuck and cannot achieve a particular goal, Spiritual Metamorphosis can start a positive transformation in your life. This method works at the time level and gives life a force to recall and speed up progressive changes of your future.


Spiritual alchemy is used to neutralise your house, workplace, gadgets or other chosen location. In the modern times, we are exposed to many sources of radiation, electromagnetic fields and preservatives in our food. Spiritual alchemy method can neutralise your surroundings and reduce negative effects causing health problems such as weakening immune system and thinning bones.

If you feel nothing is going your way, Reiki can help you to deal with everyday challenges and reduce stress. Negative thoughts can create blockers followed by illnesses and pain and it is therefore important to maintain a balance emotionally, spiritually and physically. Reiki is a form of alternative medicine developed by Japanese Buddhist, Mikao Usui. Reiki is an intelligent healing system which will aim to heal the desired target area.


 Spiritual healing has no geographic limitations and can be applied through a distance. The energy is sent across the time and space and is as effective as in-person healing. Distance healing can improve your overall physical health, emotional stability and awaken your spiritual growth. Also suitable for children and animals.


Based on your situation, I can design an energetic healing card to support you in a particular situation. For example an angel protection card for your daily protection. Pain cards are also available to help reduce bodily pains.


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